Qurbaan Hua 21 October : Neel and Chahat gets shocked after knowing Sunita’s real face

At the beginning of the episode, Gazala escaped from the room when she saw Neel was coming towards the room. Neel entered the room and saw Chahat was sitting on the ground. Then Chahat admitted that she has done everything due to which Naveli’s Alliance destroyed, and said she wanted to take revenge on his family. There Naveli acknowledged Godhambhari that how Pramukh behaved with her near the well. Then Godhambhari decides to play a card. Neel grasped Chahat’s neck and pushed her back and started shouting at her.

Within few seconds Neel acted normally and said he was just acting because he is pretty sure that Chahat is taking all the blame on her head for someone. Godhambhari started beating Naveli in front of everyone and then said Naveli is the culprit behind every incident, and Chahat is Innocent. Vyas Ji scolded Naveli and said now how he will face Chahat and say sorry to her. Then Godhambhari came near Vyas Ji and gave a suggestion of making Naveli Kripa’s mother. Vyas Ji gave a strange look to Godhambhari.

Neel said Chahat that he knows whom she is trying to save. Then Neel said he saw a banner on which Gazala photo was present with Dr. Baigh, then he got to know that her wife is staying with us in our home with the name Sunita.

Vyas Ji said he needs some time to think about Naveli and Pramukh alliance. Then Godhambhari was instructing Naveli that she has acted in front of Vyas Ji that she can handle Kripa very well. Suddenly Gazala entered and asked them for any help. Godhambhari scolded her and said not to peek into personal affairs. Then Gazala apologized for her mistake and said in the future she will keep in her mind. Then Godhambhari said Gazala to change the diaper of Kripa.

Neel said Chahat that all the previous incidents were performed by Gazala. Neel also said that Gazala hates her that’s why she didn’t reveal her identity to her instead of staying in the same. Neel blames Dr. Baigh for all things and asked Neel to reveal her location. Neel confidently said that Gazala would surely say about Dr. Baigh to her. Neel rudely said to Chahat to give him the location of Dr. Baigh. Chahat was perplexed and stood speechless.

Episode end…..

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