Shaadi Mubarak 20 October : Preeti is upset with KT’s behavior

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti calls Juhi and when she picks up, she gets distracted after hearing Juhi’s suppressed voice and asks if there is anything wrong. Juhi says there is no such thing, she is tired just by working. Preeti says she will come home and talk to her and hangs up the phone. Kusum taunts Juhi that she does not hide anything from her mother like she does not hide her lies. Priyanka also stands there and sees how her mother is so hurt by a lie. Juhi also explains to Priyanka how Kusum will not handle the lies of her daughter-in-law so how should she handle the lie which her daughter makes, so she should reveal everything to Kusum as soon as possible.

Preeti thinks about KT and is wondering why KT is acting so rudely. She calls Sheena and asks her where KT is. Sheena says that KT has gone home. Preeti says that KT always visits her then how did he go without meeting her. On the other side, KT is upset about Preeti’s lies, he remembers himself and Preeti’s moments. KT’s mother gives him a contract and says that he should get Preeti to sign it tomorrow. She tells that they can also do a case of cheating on Preeti. KT says that he does not want to bother Preeti with this type of action, so it is better to break the partnership only.

Preeti tells Kusum about KT’s changed behavior. Kusum says he may have caught her lie. KT listens to Preeti’s voice in which Preeti asks KT the reason for her unhappy nature. Hearing this, he gets angry and says how Preeti can move around with two faces. He believes that Preeti herself gave him grief and now she is pretending to ask the reason for it.

Preeti says that it cannot happen because if this happens, he would definitely come and ask her. Kusum says he may not have been able to ask. Then Priyanka comes and gives cinnamon water to Kusum. Preeti says this always brings by Juhi then why didn’t she bring it today. Kusum does not say anything. Preeti asks Juhi. Juhi tells her that Kusum is angry with her. Preeti advises her to apologizes in front of Kusum. Juhi goes to Kusum and hugs her and apologizes to her. Kusum forgives her.

Preeti messages KT and asks if he does the Gopalani’s work. When KT reads the message, thinks how Preeti can behave as if nothing has happened. He curses Preeti for breaking his trust. In the morning, KT goes to Kusum’s house and gives her contract paper and says that she should give it to Preeti. Kusum asks what kind of paper is this. KT explains that this is the contract cancellation paper. Kusum gets shocked.

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