Barrister babu 20 October : Will Anirudh be able to get Bondita out of hell like the diamond market

At the beginning of the episode, Tara tells Bondita that she has a lot of courage but she has to pay the price for this courage. Bondita asks her what kind of price. Tara shows Bondita her cracked eye which was snatched away from her when she tried to run away. Tara says then should she also take her eye off. Bondita gets nervous. Tara gives her another chance. And tells Suraiya to lock Bondita in a room where the sun’s light does not fall on Bondita. Suraiya drags Bondita and says that now she will not give food to Bondita as punishment. Tara says that she does not need to punish Bondita because after 3 days we will sell her and this will be her punishment.

Rasiya thinks that she will have to tell this to Anirudh. Rasiya performs the dance and she did the same as she said that if Bondita falls on Tara’s place then she will throw the green handkerchief and she throws the green dupatta of her. Anirudh notices this and realizes that Bondita is in the Shish palace. He thanks Rasiya and arrives at the shish palace. He shouts and shouts the name of Bondita but the guards standing outside do not let him in. Anirudh then notices some sticks and beats the guards. Bondita also notices Anirudh.

Anirudh breaks the door and comes inside. Tara says that so finally he has come. Anirudh says that yes he has come and now no one can harm Bondita. Simultaneously, Anirudh apologizes to Bondita for his before doing and calls her out so that he can take her from here. Rasiya says that for the first time today a man is bowing his head in front of a woman. She says that Tara’s place has become holy today.

People sitting there say who is this man who spoiled the entire party. Tara says he is a crazy man like them. She tells Suraiya to take other dignitaries to another room and asks Anirudh what work he has. Anirudh says he has come to take his wife. Tara says you can’t find a wife here as we only have a prostitute. Anirudh shouts at her and says that doesn’t speak another such word about Bondita or else it will not be good for her. Tara becomes angry and beats Anirudh and Anirudh gets injured. Tara hurts Anirudh with a knife. Bondita shouts for help. Anirudh becomes unconscious. Tara says that whoever goes against her only get this kind of result. And if someone tries to help Anirudh, he will be in the same situation.

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