Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21 October : Rubina’s plan failed once again

At the beginning of the episode, Daadi notices Shola Jin and tries to catch her but Shola Jin gets angry and she fires but Aman manages to handle the situation. Dadi says that they should kill Shola Jin. Roshni refuses this and says that she finds out what Shola Jin wants. Rubina thinks that no matter how much Roshni tries but she has to do what she wants to do.

Utsaad tells Shayari and Rehan that they can find out where the sword is by using the jinstars. Rehan says how Jin Tara can help them. Shayari tells that a Jin can ask for a wish from jintara and since Rehan is a Jin, he can also ask for a wish and find out where the sword is. Utsaad tells them where the sword of the emperor first descended from the sky, they will get the star at the same place.

Shola comes in front of Roshni and the family. Roshni is supposed to attack Shola but Armaan starts crying at the same time. He distracts Roshni and Shola Jin disappears at the same time. Shayari and Rehan get the brightest jin Tara. Rehan begs Jintara but he suddenly disappears. Rehan and Shayari get distracted and wonder where Tara has gone.

Rubina calls swords out and walks towards Shola Jin. At the same time, Jintara also takes Shayari and Rehan towards the sword. Rubina asks Shola Jin if she is looking for her child. She says that she should find her child soon as he is going to die soon. Natasha fills poisonous smoke in the ground to harm Shola Jin’s child. Shola Jin goes to save her child but Aman and Saima capture her and ask Roshni to kill her. Roshni is doing this but Armaan starts crying and Roshni realizes that Shola Jin’s treasure is probably her child.

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