Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 October: Kartik, Naira console Kairav

At the beginning of the episode, Kairav was trying to jump from the balcony on the bean bags. Suddenly all the Goeankas reached and saw Kairav hanging on the railings, immediately Kartik and Naira entered the house and rescued him from there. After that, all the family members calmed down.

Then Kairav in a crying voice asked, that why they left him back. Then Kartik said it was just a misunderstanding nothing else. Naira apologized for everything. Krishna whispered and said Swarna to give the small baby in her hands. After a few moments, Manish saw the baby with Krishna gave an angry look to Swarna. Kairav noticed that Krishna was holding the small baby and gets angry and went from there saying that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

Kartik and Naira went to the room following Kairav. There Kairav was upset and ignoring both of them. After asking many times Kairav said he won’t share his parents with anyone then anyhow Kartik and Naira used a few examples to make his console, but this time Kairav was very rigid. Then Naira and Kartik did sit-ups in front of Kairav to make him happy. At last, after many tantrums Kairav was normal. Then Vansh and Krish came to him with his specs and shoe. And helped him to wear all that. Seeing this caring gesture Naira gets emotional.

After coming out of the room Naira started crying and said Kartik that it’s will be too difficult for them to manage everyone. Naira also said that Kairav is feeling insecure about the small baby, how he will react when we will tell him about the Krishna adoption. Then Kartik and Krishna finalize that as soon as possible we have to disclose the Adoption decision.

Naira and Kartik went downstairs and asked for Kirti. Manish said no one will say anything to Kirti, the first talk to Naksh. Then Kartik said Naira to talk to Naksh first than he itself will talk to Kirti. Naira called Naksh to make him understand, but Naksh said clearly not to expect every positive thing from my side. And he also said that he will file custody for Krish and disconnected the call. Then Naira requested Kartik to be calm and do something in favor of Krish. There Kairav sitting with Vansh and Krish said that he doesn’t like Krishna at all.

Episode end……

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