Shaadi Mubarak 21 October : Kusum discovers that KT wants to end the partnership with Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum discovers that KT wants to end the partnership with Preeti. Kusum says why is he joking like this. KT says that the joke has happened to him. Kusum asks what has happened. KT says that Preeti has betrayed him which he cannot afford. But once again all of this is KT’s dream. In reality, Kusum’s daughter opens the door and calls KT inside.

Preeti asks Sheena about the hamper. Sheena tells that Gopalani has liked the hampers. Sheena also says that she needs a half-day off because she needs to with her mother for a routine checkup. Preeti approves it. Next, she calls the courier, from there she learns that KT has not done any booking at all. At the same time, she notices that the color of the lase of the hamper is coming down. She calls Kusum and sends her to the courier and decides to go to Gopalani herself.

Priyanka calls Tarun but he refuses to talk to her. Priyanka thinks that she will have to tell Tarun soon that Juhi has come to know about them. KT is waiting for Kusum. Kusum comes there and is happy to see KT and tells KT that today she got stuck in courier work because of him. She tells KT how upset Preeti got this thing. When KT listens to Kusum and he leaves in a hurry. Kusum sees the contract and is shocked to learn that KT wants to break the partnership with Preeti.

Preeti is changing lase then Gopalani comes there. Juhi asks Priyanka why she hasn’t told Kusum the truth yet. She needs to tells everything to Kusum soon. Priyanka tells Juhi that she should support her as she is doing all this for Preeti. Juhi asks how. Priyanka tells Juhi the whole thing. Juhi says Tarun is just playing with her emotions.

Gopalani scolds Preeti as she comes in front of her. Preeti tells her that she came for her work. Gopalani taunts her and expels her from the house. Further, Kusum tells Preeti that KT wants to end the partnership with her. Preeti gets shocked. Then KT comes there and asks when Gopalani has problems with her color then why did she go to her. Preeti is shocked to hear this.

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