Anupamma 21 October : Anupama find out Vanraj’s truth

At the beginning of the episode, Dolly says that she tied the alliance very well then how it opened. Anupama looks sad. Jayesh says that she does not need to be depressed because this is proof that 25 years ago she came behind Vanraj but today she has come along with her own identity. Anupama grabs Vanraj’s hand and says that the bond may be broken but they together can never break. Kavya also grabs Vanraj’s hand but he frees it. Vanraj tells Leela that he has pain in his back so he is going to the room.

Kavya goes to his room before Vanraj. Vanraj goes to the room and is shocked to see Kavya there. He asks her what she is doing here. He tells her to go from there. Kavya refuses. Anupama tells Devika to go to Vanraj with her because Vanraj has a backache and she wants to apply balm on his back. And she can’t go alone so. There, Vanraj tries to make understand Kavya that they will talk later. But Kavya does not leave she shouts loudly and expresses her sorrow.

Anupama and Devika are coming towards the room. But first Samar stops her and says that he wants to take a photo with her. Then Jhimil stops her and says the milk gets to shore. Anupama thinks of going to the kitchen but Devika stops her and says that she will take care of everything and she goes to Vanraj. Kavya decides that she will tell everyone the truth about Vanraj and then remove him from Anupama and marry and remain his only wife.

Vanraj prevents her from doing so because it is of no use but they will be at a loss as his family will not accept their relationship. Kavya takes advantage of the opportunity and opens the door. And then hugs Vanraj. Vanraj tells Kavya that he loves her very much. Anupama reaches the room and opens the door and sees Vanraj and Kavya and is shocked. Vanraj confesses his love for Kavya. Anupama is shocked. Anupama is so desperate to see Vanraj and Kavya close to each other that she falls unconscious.

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