Yeh Hain Chahtein 21 October : Preesha is on a mission

At the beginning of the episode, Saransh saw Rudrakash was wearing a different costume, he immediately went to Rudrakash and asked him why he didn’t wear that dress which he Brought for him. Then Rudrakash gave him an excuse and fooled him that the dress was torn from inside. Then Rudrakash started playing dandiya with Kirti.

Preesha was noticing him from a distance and feeling upset. After a few moments, she went out from there. Suddenly she came across Yuvraj, then he gave few information about Kirti. That Kirti is mad and she was admitted to a mental hospital for the last 10 years, and a few years back she also tried to escape from there. Preesha said this time she wants any solid proof against Kirti.

Kirti tries to manipulate Rudrakash against Preesha. Then suddenly Preesha came back and Yuvraj also came near Preesha. Rudrakash got seeing Preesha standing with Yuvraj. Then Saransh came to Preesha and asked why not she is dancing with Rudrakash. Saransh ignoring Preesha’s excuse took her to Rudrakash and forced him to dance with her. And Saransh takes Kirti with her to dance with her. Accidently Rudrakash injured Preesha with the stick, but Preesha was considering that he has done this intentionally.

Preesha moves towards her room for the first aid kit in between she came across with Yuvraj. Where he insisted she come with him to the mental hospital where Kirti was admitted. Thinking for a while Preesha went with Yuvraj.Vashudha called Preesha but she didn’t reply, then she called Saransh and said her to inform Preesha. Then Saransh and Rudrakash mutually searched for Preesha everywhere but didn’t find her. There Preesha and Yuvraj went to the hospital and requested for Kirti’s information.

Then Kirti saw Rudrakash was finding Preesha and guessed that Preesha might be with Yuvraj. Then Kirti called his friend and said him to find out the location of Preesha and Yuvraj. There Preesha and Yuvraj acknowledged Kirti’s mental health and got to know that still Kirti is mentally disturbed. Then Kirti received a message and then said to Rudrakash that both of them are at the same location. Rudrakash gets aggressive.

Episode ends…..

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