Qurbaan Hua 22 October : Neel plans to Reach Dr. Baigh using Gazala

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was insisting Chahat reveal the location of Dr. Baigh. Chahat said to Neel that Gazala hates her as much as she hates Vyas Ji, so she didn’t give me any information about Dr. Baigh. Neel makes a plan with Chahat and said that no one in the house should know about Gazala, we both will handle this problem. Neel said Chahat to go home and then he will come after some time, so no one can doubt them. Neel was feeling sad for Chahat’s situation.

Chahat came home and went to the cowshed, and she was totally confused about what to do. She was rescaling Gazla’s words, and on the other side, she was recalling Vyas Ji’s affection towards her. Suddenly Gazala noticed Chahat and thought Neel have no came across with Chahat in the hospital. The fro the other side Hobo was coming with Neel holding him from the side with fake bandages on hand and head.

Neel settled down on the sofa, Vyas Ji and Jamunaparshad came and acknowledged about Neel’s condition. Then Jamunaparshad apologies to Neel and said everything was done by Naveli itself. Neel gets confused. Vyas Ji noticed Chahat was peeping from the door. Vyas Ji went near Chahat and loudly said her to come inside, and also said that she is also a part of this family. As soon as Chahat entered the house Godhambhari came with Naveli and said that first Naveli will apologize to Chahat, suddenly Jamunaparshad gets hyper and said to Naveli to rub her nose on the ground and apologies for her mistake. Chahat interrupted, but Jamunaparshad ignored her words. Then Naveli did according to Jamunaparshad.

Vyas ji also joined her hand in front of Chahat and said how can he regain his importance back. Chahat said if he allows her to call him ”Baba” then it would make everything normal back. Vyas ji agreed with her suggestion and said he will get lots of father love from him. Gazala seeing all these gets angry crushed on rose from the pot, which Neel noticed.

Neel seeks for some attention and said Chahat change the dressing of his wounds. Vyas Ji gave her a homemade paste to apply to all wounds. Suddenly Kripa starts crying and her voice was audible to everyone. Gazala was about to go, but Godhambhari stopped her and said let Naveli go as she has to prove that she will be a good mother for Kripa. Chahat and Neel gets a little confused and were looking at everyone’s face. Jamunaprsahd acknowledged about Godhambhari’s suggestion. Then Neel stopped Gazala and said that from today he will pay her and she has to follow all his instructions and do the work. Neel speaks in his mind that now using Gazala he will reach to Dr. Baigh and fulfill his revenge.

Episode end…..

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