Shakti 21 October : Preeto beats Harak

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto wants to call Gurminder and thinks of telling her the truth. She calls Gurminder and tells her that she wants to tell her something and whether they can meet. But when Preeto hears Virat’s voice, she is shocked. Virat tells Preeto that he knows what she wants to tell Gurminder and there is no need to share this with anyone else. Then Gurminder brings water to Virat and Virat gives her cell back. Gurminder picks up the phone but Preeto keeps the phone saying that she will talk later.

Harak tells Preeto to calm down and think. Preeto refuses and says she was against this marriage and will always be against it. Preeto leaves from there. Further, Heer comes to Rohan who is saddened by Soham’s talk. Heer thinks to lighten his mood. She gives him a chocolate milkshake and says that its sweetness will relieve him. Rohan refuses to have it. Heer then explains to him that he should not mind Soham’s talk because the relationship is not with blood but with heart and thus he is their family. Rohan is still depressed. Heer then tickles him and Rohan goes mad and starts laughing and his mood also gets better.

Further, at the behest of Virat, Ravi and Sindhu come to meet Virat. Ravi asks him why he has called them. Virat is about to talk about marriage but Sindhu stops him and says if the matter is about marriage then she does not want to talk. Virat says that if she does not agree to his marriage, then he will spend the rest of his life in the world of eunuchs. Ravi and Sindhu are shocked to hear this.

In the morning, Virat sees the time, he is distracted when he does not get any response from Ravi and Sindhu yet. He tells Sant and Parmeet that he wants to go to the eunuch’s place. Parmeet asks him if he has gone mad. Then Ravi and Sindhu come and tell them that Virat wants to give nek to Kinnar as he is going to get married soon. Virat asks if they are ready for marriage. They both say yes.

Soham tells Preeto that Sindhu and Ravi have also agreed to the marriage. Preeto is shocked and when Harak enters the house, she asks him to leave the house and beats him with a stick. All are shocked to see this. Heer tries to stop Preeto. Harak says that Preeto can beat him as much as she wants but he will breathe peacefully after Heer’s wedding. Preeto gets angry, she leaves and cries. Heer wants to talk to Preeto but Harak stops her and sends her to her room. Heer is sad to think that Harak is suffering because of her.

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