Barrister babu 21 October : Bondita challenges Tara

At the beginning of the episode, a man comes to Trilochan and tells him that there is bad news for him. Trilochan asks what is the news. The man tells him that yesterday he was in Heera Mandi and he saw there that Tara killed Anirudh. Trilochan gets shocked. Mini also listens to them and her condition also worsens.

Bondita comes to Tara to play sindoor khela. She says that Durgashtami is coming and she will return to her husband’s house on that day like Maa Parvati. Mini cries in front of Dida and says that it is all her fault that she left Anirudh alone there. She blames Bondita for it and says she will take revenge on it from Bondita. Bondita tells Tara that she will not be able to play with Sindoor khela on Durgashtami’s day, so she will play today. Tara says has she gone mad. She says she does not know that Anirudh has died. Bondita says with confidence that Anirudh is still alive.

Bondita worships Mother Durga and other girls to support Bondita in worshiping. Tara gets angry about seeing Rasiya and she slaps her. Anirudh is about to come to his senses and calls out the name of Bondita. Sourav comes there and says that he has to come to his senses for his wife. Anirudh comes to his senses and is shocked to see Sourav and asks how he came here. Saurav says that he came here to search for him in the diamond market and there he saw him injured and took him to the doctor. While on the other side, Even after Tara tries to stop them, they still not stop singing the aarti of Maa Durga.

Anirudh tells Saurav that he will have to save Bondita and this time he will use his mind to drive away Bondita. Tara says that no one will save Bondita. But Bondita’s faith is unwavering. There is a debate between Trilochan and Binoy. Then Trilochan receives Anirudh’s call and tells him that he is alive. Trilochan gets peace after hearing this. Trilochan calls him home. Anirudh says that he will come and bring Bondita along. But it would be better if Trilochan does not tell anyone about him. Trilochan agrees.

Suraiya tries to dress Bondita with Gungroo. But Bondita refuses to wear Ghungroo. Tara is watching all this. Suraiya tells Bondita that if she wants not to be punished, she should wear gungru peacefully. Bondita says that Suraiya is a very bad woman and she will never listen to her.

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