Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22 October : Rubina kills Sholajin

In the beginning of the episode, Roshni is attacking Sholajin but Armaan stops her.  Roshni realizes that Shola Jin’s treasure is her baby.  She tells this to Aman and tells SholaJin that she will help her in find her baby.  She sees that Sholajin is pointing towards the ground and Roshni tries to bring the child out.

But it is difficult for her.  Then Aman also helps Roshni and Roshni and Aman together bring Shola Jin’s child out of the ground.  Shola Jin runs towards her child while Roshni faints.

Rubina thinks that the end of this story cannot be so.  Its end will be what she wants.  Roshni’s body is getting cold.  Grandma says that they have to heat the place around Roshni.  Shola Jin helps them.  But even that much heat is not enough for Roshni, then Aman brings the heat of the sun for Roshni.

  Rehan and Shayari reach the Junaid Haveli searching for the sword and wonder why Jintara has brought them here.  They then notices Natasha and thinks that the sword is with her.  Roshni comes into her senses and she goes to Shola Jin and asks her how her child is.  Shola Jin says he is fine.  Roshni apologizes to Shola Jin for her misunderstanding.  Aman says that he should apologize because he could not understand Sholajin.

Further, Sholajin makes Saima, Sara, and Bhuah a human being from the egg and then leaves.  When Sholajin is leaving, Rubina attacks her and says that even though Roshni has done nothing but still her work is done.

  Roshni’s stomach also hurts and she realizes that something is wrong.  There Rehan and Shayari are following Natasha but Natasha disappears from their eyes.

  Rubina puts the clip of Roshni near Sholajin.  She then calls the three Ayana and tells them that Sholajin has been killed by Roshni.  An Ayana feels sad to hear this and refuses to protect Roshni.  But the other two Ayana understand that this is Rubina’s trick.

  The three Ayana then give a challenge to Rubina to prove that Roshni’s heart is not good.  Rubina goes to Natasha and Shayari sees Rubina with Natasha.


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