Anupamma 22 October : Vanraj’s family questioned Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama faints.  Vanraj goes to Anupama.  Kavya acts like a fools and tells Vanraj that Anupama must have fainted only, she would not have seen anything.  Vanraj gets angry on seeing Kavya’s behavior and asks her to go out.  Kavya says but is Anupama okay?  Vanraj says that he will take care of his wife, you go.

Kavya panics and walks out of the room.  Leela says where are the people who are married.  Mama ji says he is here.  Leela says that he is not married, Vanraj and Anupama get married.  Mamaji says that then they must be sharing some romantic moment.  Leela says he thinks anything.

Devika listens to them and is wondering why Anupama has not come yet and she go towards  Anupama.  Kavya thinks what would happen if Anupama told the truth to everyone.  She hurries out of there and collides with Devika.  Devika asks her why she is in such a hurry,  is everything okay?  Kavya says everything is fine and leaves.

Further, Kavya collides with Rakhi and Rakhi asks her why she is running like thief.  She takes out rose petal from Kavya’s hair and wondered where it came from.  She thinks that if what she thinks is true then she will get a chance to break the marriage of Paritosh and Kinjal.

  Devika comes to Vanraj’s room and finds Anupama unconscious.  She asks Vanraj what happened here that Anupama fainted.  He gives her no answer.  As Kavya is going out of the house, Nandni grabs her hand and asks her where she is going.  Kavya asks her to leave her hand.  That’s when Kavya and Nandani hear Devika’s voice, who shouts loudly and tells everyone that Anupama has fainted.  Kavya runs away from there and Nandni goes inside.

Everyone runs towards Anupama’s room and Rakhi is happy thinking that now she will get to see something spicy.  When everyone sees Anupama unconscious, they get distracted.  Samar asks Vanraj what happened that his mother fainted.  Vanraj does not say anything.  Leela says that she probably fainted due to fatigue of marriage.  Samar says Anupama is not so weak that she faints on such minor things, something has definitely happened here that Vanraj is hiding.

  Jayesh asks Vanraj what has happened here.  Vanraj says that he does not know anything himself, when he came from the bathroom, Anupama was lying unconscious and Devika came there.  Sanjay calls the doctor.  And after some time when the doctor comes, she tells that Anupama’s BP increased due to deep shock and she fainted.

  After the doctor leaves, Samar tells Vanraj that he is hiding something and is not telling them what has really happened.  Leela prevents Samar from questioning Vanraj.  Devika says everyone should go out and she will handle Anupama.  Devika remembers how happy Anupama was for the wedding.  She questions why every time something wrong happened with Anupama.

  Rakhi says now she will go home.  Leela taunts and says that if the spectacle was happening then she would definitely stays.  Kinjal says she won’t go anywhere because her family needs her.  Rakhi says okay.  Kinjal consoles Leela that everything will be alright.  Devika sees Kavya’s earrings in Anupama’s room and is shocked


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