Shaadi Mubarak 22 October : Tarun’s real face revealed to Priyanka

At the beginning of the episode, KT announces that he wants to break the partnership with Preeti. Kusum asks if KT wants to break the partnership only because of Preeti’s dark complexion. She says that KT grew more than Gopalani. Kusum tells Preeti not to sign on paper because she too work hard for this company. KT says but he put the money on the company so he has the right to cancel the partnership. Kusum tells Preeti to fight for it but KT says Preeti does not have the courage. There is a constant debate between KT and Kusum. Preeti tells them to shut up. Juhi tells Sumedha all about Priyanka. Sumedha gets very angry and he says that Tarun is a very disgusting person and they have to do something to teach him a lesson. Juhi comes up with a plan. She asks Sumedh whether he knows how to break the lock. Sumedha says yes. Juhi says then they have to catch the thief’s theft like this.

Preeti tells KT that his thinking is very small. He only recognizes the outer beauty but knows nothing about the beauty of the heart. And she does not want to work with such people, so she will break the partnership herself. And Preeti signs the partnership paper. While Kusum whistles for KT’s acting. Preeti asks what all this is happening. KT then tells her the whole thing that he had listened to Gopalani and then Kusum also called him and told him everything and they came up with this plan so that Preeti could learn to love her color.

Juhi and Sumedh bring Priyanka to Tarun’s house and prepare her like Rati and then through some questions, they ask Tarun how much he loves Rati. Tarun says that he loves her so much that he even left his mother for her. Then they asked if he remembered their wedding day. Tarun says yes. They further asked if he likes Priyanka. Tarun says not at all because she is a dehatan and he is only facing her at the behest of Rati. He goes to Priyanka standing in the disguise of Rati.

Kusum says that Preeti’s talk has cooled her heart. Preeti says but she betrays her by telling her secret to KT. Kusum says she did not tell anything but KT herself listened to Gopalani. KT then leaves from there saying that he is going for some hamper work.

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