Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 October: Kairav feels insecure

At the beginning of the episode, All the female members of Goeankas family were sitting in one place and stitching cloth for Naira’s baby. Dadi praises the baby and says that this baby is very lucky for us. Gayu feels a little jealous of this. Suddenly Krishna came with a small cloth for the baby, but Dadi yelled a few harsh words against her and makes her upset. Naira and Kartik also get a little upset about this Behavior.

Kairav was sitting with Vansh and Krish and sharing his feelings with them. There he got to know about the divorce decision of Naksh and Kirti. Then Vansh said that the elder one gets less love from their parents. Then Kairav showed them an album, suddenly they came across a picture in which Krishna was holding the small baby. Kairav gets angry and recalled the promise which Naira gave her that Kairav will hold her sister first when she will come to this world.

Kairav went off from there to express his feelings to them, but he found they were playing with Krishna, and Krishna was eating Kachori which was his favorite and no one informed him. Kairav gets very angry and went off from there.

Manish came across with Kairav and noticed he was crying. Then Kairav insisted Manish to stop Kartik from making Krishna his sister. And he also said that Kartik has signed adoption papers. Suddenly Kartik and Naira also came and started asking Kairav that why he is crying, but Manish sends him to his room and asked them to stay here. Manish acknowledged them that Kairav is aware of Krishna’s adoption. Listening to this Naira ran towards Kairav in the room, where Kairav was sleeping with a Giant Teddy bear.

Manish scolded Kartik was this decision which he has taken on his own. Suddenly all the members also gathered over there. Then Kartik picked a few examples of the past to give support to his decision, but Manish was not satisfied at all. There Naira was calming down Kairav and trying to make him understand. Manish clearly told that there is no problem in helping her, but the main problem is adoption. And the same thing Kairav said this to Naira.

Episode end…..

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