Yeh Hain Chahtein 22 October : Rudrakash vents his anger

At the beginning of the episode, Kirti finds out the location of Yuvraj and Preesha and acknowledged Rudrakash that both of them are at the same location. Later on, Kirti saw that both of them were at the same mental hospital where she was admitted. Kirti got angry and was frightened, that now she will be exposed. Rudrakash decided to go to the same location but anyhow Kirti calmed him and took him to his favourite club.

Yuvraj was trying to get as much as information about Kirti, then he got to know that, after. Running from the mental hospital Kirti went to a club where his best friend is the manager of that club. Then Preesha and Yuvraj decided to go there and collect more information about Kirti. At the entrance, bouncer stopped Yuvraj and said only couple entry is allowed. Preesha was standing a few steps back from Yuvraj. Then he hugged her and showed that he has also come with his wife. In all this scenario Rudrakash noticed from the back and become angry.

Inside the club Yuvraj asked about the manager from a waiter, suddenly Preesha and Rudrakash noticed each other in the club. Yuvraj felt that Preesha is doing everything according to her, so he decided to face with Preesha and make Rudrakash jealous of it. Somehow Yuvraj insisted Preesha to dance with him and they went on the dance floor. Rudrakash was becoming angrier seeing Preesha. Suddenly Kirti noticed them and gets shocked.

Rudrakash went to the dance floor and started dancing with Kirti. Yuvraj though of making Rudrakash jealous, and puts his hands on Preesha’s waist while dancing. Rudrakash went to Preesha and pulled her out from there and shouted at her, but Preesha said to him that first change your behaviour against me. And went back to Yuvraj. Rudrakash breaks the glass in aggression and went off from there. Yuvraj tried to manipulate her against Rudrakash.

Here in the room, Shardha was saying Saransh to sleep, and not to worry about Preesha she will be back soon. Kirti and Rudrakash came back in the room, and Kirti prepared drinks for them and mixed something strange into one glass. But Rudrakash didn’t have it from the glass. He asked Kirti to pass on the bottle. Then both of them went to the terrace. There Kirti manipulated Rudrakash against Preesha and hinted to stay with a person who values you like me.

Episode end….

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