Shakti 22 October : Happiness comes in Heer’s life

At the beginning of the episode, Mahi tells Virat that Preeto beats Harak this thing makes surprises Virat. Simran is listening to their talk secretly and she is going to tell this thing to everyone but Virat stops her. Simran says that she will hide her mother-in-law’s talk but she should buy a costly lehenga for it. Virat says okay fine. Parmeet asks what you guys are talking about. Simran says that Virat and Heer were thinking of the names of their children, so they were just talking about the same. Sant says that it will be good if they have a child soon after their marriage and they can get the pleasure of becoming grandparents. Virat is hurt to hear things about the child.

Preeto applies turmeric to Harak’s wound. Preeto tells Harak that the wound is very deep. Harak says that she should have thought before beating him. Preeto says he could have run away too. Harak says that he saw Preeto’s love when she beats him so how can he run away. Harak tells Preeto that she should also apply some turmeric on Heer. He explains to her that Virat loves Heer a lot and Heer too, so they should get them married. Preeto recalls Virat’s sacrifice and her heart melts.

Preeto and Harak arrive at Virat’s house. Preeto tells Virat that she is ready for marriage. Virat is very happy and goes to light the lamp in front of Mata Rani. He thanks Rohan and others. And every one of them leaves. Preeto further takes a few words from Harak and others and they all promise to Preeto.

Rohan tells Heer that they should prepare for marriage. He tells Heer that Preeto agrees to this marriage. Heer is overjoyed and asks Soham to agree as well. Soham also agrees. Shano informs Malika that Heer is about to get married. Malika is ready to stop the wedding but the other eunuch spots her and says that she should let them get married. While Soham thinks of spreading the news of Heer being a eunuch.

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