Qurbaan Hua 23 October : Neel planned to meet Dr. Baigh

At the beginning of the episode, Gazala was sitting in the garden and making cow dung cakes. And from the other side Hobo came and gave her more cow dung for the cakes. Neel was observing her from the terrace. Vyas ji called Chahat and acted of being sick, then, Chahat checked Vyas Ji’s BP and sugar level. Then suddenly Vyas ji started smiling and thanked Chahat for bringing his happy days back.

Hobo came to Neel and asked why he is torturing Sunita. Then Neel revealed the secret of Gazala and felt guilty for Chahat of getting such parents. Parmukh came with a money bag that he has collected from the donation box. Vyas said to him to keep with him as he trusts him, Vyas Ji acknowledged Pramukh about the past incident which Naveli did, and said about Godhambhari suggestion making Naveli Kripa’s mother. Parmukh gets a little shocked and left the final decision on Vyas Ji itself.

As Parmukh was leaving Vyas Ji stopped him and said to gather information about Chahat’s parents, as he wanted to meet them. And also said to do this secretly without getting noticed. Parmukh feels happy and speaks in his mind that now she will gather a few negative information and manipulate Vyas Ji.

Chahat was talking to Wind-chain, suddenly Neel came with her favorite chips and started acting to change Chahat’s mood. At last, he puts one of the chips in her mouth. Then Neel showed her a photo of Gazala when she was working in the ground. Chahat gets sad and said Gazala can hurt anyone anytime. Neel calmed her and said nothing will happen until he is alive.

Neel went to Gazla’s room and gave her advance and praised her work, he also said her to clean those big utensils and remove the black stain of them properly. After Neel left the room Gazala angrily speaking to herself said that somehow she has to go and check Dr. Baigh and driver.

Godhambhari was teaching Naveli how to feed the baby, suddenly Parmukh came and started shouting at Naveli for being over smart in front of Vyas ji. Godhambhari grasped Parmukh hand and pulled him back and said in a high voice not to say any to Naveli. All suggestions were from her side which she gave to Vyas ji. Parmukh immediately changed his behavior and started talking sweetly to Naveli and said he will marry her only, just teach her how to take care of Kripa.

Neel and Hobo were in the garden, and Neel said Hobo that he has fixed a location tracker in that envelope which he gave to Gazala. Neel said he is pretty sure that Gazala will surely go to meet Dr. Baigh and we will get to know about his location. Godhambhari came to Jamunaparshad and praised Sunita’s work. But Jamunaparshad ignored her as he was busy watching movies on his phone.

Gazala was cleaning the utensils in the backyard, Chahat came and secretly saw her and thought, that Gazala will surely go to meet Dr. Baigh, and she has to reach there before Neel to gather witnesses to prove her father innocent. Here Gazala was thinking to complete her work and go to meet Dr. Baigh as soon as possible.

Episode end………..

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