Barrister babu 22 October : Anirudh came up with a new plan

At the beginning of the episode, Tara threatens Bondita that she will cut Rasiya’s hair if she does not dance wearing a gungru. Bondita says okay she will listen to her and dance. Tara says she knew that seeing the pain of Rasiya, Bondita would definitely agree to dance. Bondita starts wearing Ghungroo but Rasiya stops her and says if Tara wants to cut her hair, she will do it herself. Bondita stops her. Rasiya says she will only stay still on one condition if Bondita does not wear Ghungroo. Bondita agrees with her and says that she will never wear ghoungru.

Anirudh comes up with a new plan which is he makes Saurav a Nawab and sends a message to Tara that he wants to come to Tara’s Sheesh Mahal for Numais, for which he will also give gold coins. Suraiya jokingly says that for gold coins, Tara Bai herself will perform the dance. Tara gives her the killing look and asks the man to send the message on her behalf.

Sourav asks Anirudh that his plan is good but Anirudh looks like Nawab. Anirudh says but he will become his servant and work to find Bondita. Then Anirudh receives Tara’s message in which she says that she has never heard the name of Nawab like him. Therefore, if he gives her some princely state, she will be confident that he is a great Nawab.

The man tells Suraiya that they can’t sleep today and has to wake up and take care of Bondita, then after three days, Bondita will be sold and then they take a breath. Anirudh tells Saurav that he will name his Zamindari land to Tara and save Bondita from there. Saurav asks but will Trilochan let them land it.

Bondita thinks about how she escaped from the Sheesh Mahal. And then she remembers an idea suggested by Anirudh. Anirudh Trilochan explains his plan. Trilochan says that his plan is good but he should become the Nawab. Anirudh says he is not becoming a Nawab because he may have to do a lot of work in finding Bondita.

Further, Anirudh tells Trilochan that he will also need 1000 gold coins and maybe that they do not get them back. On the other hand, Bondita pretends that in her room there is a ghost and she is scared. Then Suraiya and the man come there and ask what happened. She asks them to see the lamp which is moving here and there. Suraiya and the man get scared.

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