Shaadi Mubarak 23 October : Priyanka slaps Tarun

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti asks Sheena about Hamper. Sheena says that KT is handling that job himself. Then Preeti notices a mirror and thinks who put it here. Then KT comes and says that he did it for her and praises his beauty. KT praises Preeti’s complexion and says that she is unique. Preeti gets emotional. She asks about Hamper. KT says that he has done Hamper’s work and has reached Gopalani’s only one, which she deserves. While Preeti wants to show him something and she goes inside the cabin.

Sumedh comes to Tarun and curses him. Priyanka cries, and Juhi silences her. Juhi says that she should not cry but should punish Tarun for his act. Priyanka slaps him. Juhi tells him that he should always remember this slap and that he should not try to do any wrong act any further, or else he will get more slaps. She asks him to celebrate his ruin and leaves.

Preeti comes in front of KT wearing the sari that KT gave her and says that this is her favorite color. But she stopped wearing this color due to the sentiment of the people. But now KT has built her up, and now she will never shy away from wearing this color. KT says, and from today they will always trust each other more. Preeti says, but she always believes him. KT says that he knows that it is his fault that he has accused her of betrayal because of a lie. He promises that he will always trust her from now on.

Priyanka cries, and Juhi tries to console her. Priyanka says that she is not even able to meet her eyes with anyone. Juhi tells her not to say so because her heart is clear, so she gets into the talk of people. Priyanka hugs Juhi and says that she never respected her but will do it from now on.

KT asks Preeti why she went to Chanda’s place. Preeti tells him the whole thing. Sheena comes. She asks KT about Hamper. KT says this work is done, so don’t worry. Next, Preeti and Kusum do a night out party and share a good time.

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