Anupamma 23 October : Nandni consoles Samar

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj imagines that Anupama questions him why he betrayed her even though she trusted him. Vanraj gets distracted.Samar is trembling. Nandni consoles him. Samar says that his mother gets up first and sleeps after all, and he never saw his mother sleeping, so today, he is unable to see her mother unconscious, and it is bothering him so much.

Nandini tells him to calm down because if Anupama sees him like this, she will not like it. Nandni gives comfort to him and says that Anupama will recover soon. Paritosh tells Vanraj to drink milk because now if his health worsens, no one will handle it. He asks, but what happened.

Vanraj says that all this has happened due to Kavya. Nandni comes home and sees Kavya upset. Kavya asks her if Anupama is alright. Vanraj again tells Paritosh a false story. And Paritosh also believes in his story.Nandni asks Kavya how she knows that Anupama’s health had worsened. Kavya gives her no answer and runs away. She thinks about what she will do now and how to handle this situation.

Paritosh tells Vanraj that he believes in him, and Anupama will also understand his situation and forgive him. At the same time, Pakhi comes and asks them if Anupama will be cured. Vanraj says she gets well, so she should not worry. Vanraj thinks that he should go to the room and see if Anupama has told Devika anything.He goes to the room and finds out that Anupama is coming to her senses. He tries to talk to her, but Anupama pushes him. Devika is shocked to see this. Anupama tries to leave the room, but Devika stops her. She also pushes Devika and leaves.

Devika calls everyone. All are shocked to see Anupama’s condition. They try to take care of Anupama. Sanjay looks at Vanraj. Leela tells Anupama to go to the room. But Anupama refuses to go to the room and goes to Pakhi’s room.

Anupama falls asleep in Pakhi’s lap. Pakhi recalls how Anupama used to put her to sleep when she could not sleep, and her brothers also used to come there, and they share a good time. The rest of the family weep at seeing the children and Anupama’s condition. Anupama’s mother gives comfort to the children.

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