Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23 October : Rubina turns Aman into garbage jin

At the beginning of the episode, Rubina tells Natasha the challenge that the three Ayana gave her. Natasha asks her about the plan. Shayari is about to see them together, but Rubina and Natasha hide from her. And later, they go to Aman. She sprinkles the tonic over Aman, which changes Aman’s face. Rubina tells Natasha that this is her plan. She has changed Aman’s beautiful face, and now it remains to be seen whether Roshni’s heart accepts the ugly Aman.

Natasha says, but Aman sees her doing this, so what if he will tell everyone everything. Rubina says that she has a solution for this too. She emits another tonic that can make Aman forget everything. But before she could put that tonic on Aman, he disappears.

Aman is going towards home. On the way, people find him strange, and all get scared on seeing him. Aman reaches home and calls Roshni. Roshni does not recognize him when she sees him. The rest of the family also comes, and they do not even recognize him. Aman is about to tell them something. But Rubina puts a tonic on him, due to which no one can understand Aman’s word.

The housemates tell Roshni that they should expel the man from the house. Sara and Syma say that they are afraid of the appearance of that man. Also, they do not know how their motives will be.There, Aman thinks that if he washes himself with water, the tonic effect will be reduced, but he does not know that the tonic effect will be increased by water. And as he touches the water, he becomes more ugly. Roshni tells Sara Saima that they should not go to someone’s face to find out their intentions.

Shayari tells Rehan that someone is reunited with Natasha, and they should keep an eye on her. They think about going to her house. On the other hand, Aman comes inside the house. He starts speaking again, but no one understands it. Then Rubina comes and attacks Aman and says that he is garbage jin. And they should stay away from him. Aman sees Rubina and tries to tell Roshni something. Roshni says she cannot understand his words, but if he tells her by writing, she will understand. Roshni brings paper and pens.

Shayari gets trapped in a glass box in Natasha’s house, which contains a bomb about to explode in 3 minutes. Roshni tells Aman that she thinks they have met, and they know each other. Aman is going to tell her everything by writing, but Rubina does another trick, and Aman becomes evil, and he pushes Roshni.

Armaan help Roshni. Shayari tells Rehan that he should leave Natasha’s house, or else he will die with her. Rehan says he will not leave her, and if he dies, they will die together. Shayari gets emotional. The bomb is about to explode, but Rehan saves her. Roshni decides to throw the trash jin out of the house because he is not a good person.

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