Yeh Hain Chahtein 23 October : Rudrakash commits a murder?

At the beginning of the episode, Kirti tried to manipulate Rudrakash and tells him to forget Preesha and said to him that he has feelings for her. Rudrakash pushed her back and said there is nothing between us, and he only considers her as a friend. Rudrakash went off from there to his room.

The next morning Rudrakash was sleeping in his room, and suddenly someone started banging on the door. Rudrakash woke up and opened the gate. One policeman was standing at the entrance, who requested Rudrakash to come with him downstairs. Rudrakash went down and saw Kirti’s dead. The body on the ground and get shocked. Rudrakash started asking what happened to her. Balraj said officers would find out what happened with her. Suddenly media people came and started asking their random question to Rudrakash, but police officers took him inside the hotel.

Preesha woke, and in the next moment, Saransh also woke up and started asking about Rudrakash. Preesha tried to call him, but she didn’t get any reply. Then Preesha went down and saw a huge crowd, and police officers get a little surprised. Then she asked Ahana about the present scenario, and then she acknowledged her about everything. Preesha, with a shocking reaction, went out to see Kirti’s dead body. There she gets shocked and tries to recall the last night.

Police were interrogating with Rudrakash, but he was not able to recall anything. Then the police said to him not to lie, and then police said that one of the waiters has claimed that have seen Rudrakash and Kirti were fighting at the terrace. Rudrakash was confused. Yuvraj woke up and saw Kirti’s news on the TV and gets frightened and recalled his Last night, how he went to the terrace in search of Kirti, where he told Kirti that he knows everything about her past. And he said he knows her all plans against Khurana’s. Kirti was getting angry and standing speechless.

Episode end…..

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