Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 October: Can Kartik convince the family?

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik tries to convince the family of Krishna’s adoption. All were listening to him, but no one uttered a single word. Then Kartik said sorry and went off from there. Here Naira was trying to convince Kairav and explaining to him the benefits of an elder sister. And silently, Kartik came inside the room and sat beside Naira. Naksh was missing Krish and imagining him playing guitar.

Manish said to Akhilesh that whatever Kartik is saying is not totally incorrect, but his priority is Kairav, and he will not let Kairav feel insecure. Naksh called Kirti, but she didn’t notice, then he called on the landline, and Manish picked the call. Naksh requested him to pass on the phone to Krish, but he said that Krish is busy right now, so he can’t talk to you and hung up the call. Naksh gets a little angry at this gesture of Manish.

The next morning Kairav woke up and saw Kartik and Naira were sleeping uncomfortably, then he covered them with the blanket and started playing with the baby. Suddenly he saw both of them were noticing him. Then Kartik hugged Krish and said few sweet words to him and then asked him is still upset with him, then Kairav just escaped from there, making an excuse. Naira says to Kartik that we have to change his mood as soon as possible.

Kairav and Krishna came across each other. Krishna said to him to go with him as she wants to show something to everyone, but Kairav ignored her and went to Vatsal. Then Vansh showed him a cloth which he made for Akshara. And there Krishna also made cloth for Akshara. Kairav and Vansh decided to give a surprise during puja.

During puja, Vansh was about touch Vatsal, but Samarth stopped him and said to him that his hands are not clean. Then Gayu told Samarth that it’s not the right way to behave with the child. Then Naira tried to give blessings to Kiriti that all her problems will get solved, but Kirti interrupted and said she don’t want to talk anymore about this.

Kairav was about to reveal his surprise, suddenly Krishna showed her hand made cloth to everyone. Kartik said Krishna to lay down this cloth on Akshara. Angrily Kairav snatched that cloth from Karisha’s hand and threw it, and ran out from there. Dadi gets upset and taunted to Naira and Kartik for this. Manish sings a song with his guitar to change the mood of Kairav. And Kartik and Naira were peeping from the curtains.

Episode end……

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