Shakti 23 October : Soham wants to reveal the truth of Heer

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto says that now they should go to Virat house and give an omen. Harak asks Mahi to join them. Mahi remembers how she never performed her duty to Heer. She thinks, but now she will pay all her duty to Heer. She tells Harak that she will go with him. They leave. Soham says that Harak and his family are breaking society’s rules, which he will not let break.

Durga Puja is going on in Virat’s house. Here, Heer is missing Virat so much that she is about to jump through the window to meet him. But Ravi stops her and asks where she was going to go. Heer says that she was going to see how everything is going on in Virat’s house. Ravi says if she wants to talk to him, then she can do it on the phone. Ravi gives her the phone. Heer calls Virat. Virat says boring things to Heer, which causes Heer to get irritated, and she hangs up the phone. Ravi laughs at their nok-jhok.

Preeto takes turmeric and omen to Virat’s house, which Parmeet accepts. Preeto applies turmeric to Virat and says that he is her son from today. Virat nods. Next, the turmeric function starts at Heer’s house. Harak, Preeto, and Mahi also come. All apply turmeric on Heer. Heer is excited and happy. While Shano is happy to think that Heer’s happiness is just for a while because soon, Soham will tell everyone the truth about Heer, and then Heer will shed tears.

Soham collects the people in the temple and tells them the truth of Heer. But Preeto and Harak’s plan stops him. In reality, Preeto realizes Soham’s move and makes a plan together with Harak. In which she sends a man to Soham, who distracts him. And Soham hurriedly shoots a gun at him. Everyone is accused of Soham for killing that man. The police arrive, but Soham runs away.

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