Qurbaan Hua 24 October : Chahat reaches to Dr. Baigh location

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was peeping at Gazala while she was washing utensils. Suddenly Chahat heard Vyas Ji was coughing loudly. Chahat went to Vyas Ji and gave him water, and rubbed his back. After a few minutes, Vyas Ji calmed down. Chahat requested Vyas Ji to pray for his dad’s long life. Then Chahat came downstairs. Vyas Ji was feeling guilty for Chahat.

Chahat saw Neel was holding some carry bags, and he was going out. Chahat thought if I would go out, then surely Gazala will also go to meet Dr. Baigh. Neel Made fun of Chahat by saying that she does not have enough kitchen knowledge. Then Neel took a test to check Chahat’s knowledge about spices. He told Chahat to bring a few spices from the Kitchen. Then Chahat was unable to identify those spices.

Neel called Gazala and told her to come with him to the market. Gazala thought in her mind that anyhow this time, she will surely go to meet Dr. Baigh. Neel knows that Chahat wants to meet Dr. Baigh before he reaches him. Chahat noticed Gazala went with a small red bag in her hand.
Chahat decided to follow Gazala. In any instance, she can go to meet Dr. Baigh. At the market, Neel gave money to Gazala and instructed her to buy vegetables and go back home because he has some urgent work as soon as Neel left. Gazala searched for a taxi. Chahat changed her outfit and came in the costume of a taxi driver. Gazala was unable to recognize Chahat. Gazala sat and went off. Neel also started following them. Gazala stopped the car and went inside a compound. Chahat also parked her car aside and was keeping an eye on Gazala.

Gazala went inside the room and asked the driver about Dr. Baigh’s health. Gazala instructed the driver to provide some wood to Dr. Baigh to make some wooden boxes. Gazala left that room, and Chahat came secretly, knocked on the door and told the driver that Gazala was calling her downstairs. The driver wrapped a plastic bag around his face and went downstairs.

Immediately Chahat entered the room and noticed Dr. Baigh was suffocating from that plastic bag. Instantly Chahat made him settle down and gave him some water, but Dr. Baigh was a little unconscious. There Neel reached the location and was about to enter the compound. Chahat was calming Dr. Baigh and helping him to regain his consciousness.

Episode end……..

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