Barrister babu 23 October : Will Bondita be able to get out of the diamond market

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita tells the mantra of removing ghosts and Suraiya, and the man repeats the mantra. Bondita extinguishes the candle after some time and says that the ghost ran away. The man says that if the ghost comes back now, he will not come even then. And both leave from there. Bondita thinks she will run away as soon as these two falls asleep.

Anirudh asks Trilochan if he will help him. Trilochan says that gold coins have been given by his ancestors, so he cannot give them. Anirudh asks him to think about it again. Trilochan says if he has any other solution, then tell him. There, Suraiya and the man fall asleep. Bondita thinks about where she should hide. She then remembers the basement and thinks of hiding there. She finds a way to the basement and hides in a box lying there.

Saurav tells Anirudh to eat food. Anirudh says he cannot eat. Saurav says that he will not get Bondita due to his starvation. Anirudh says, but how can he eat when his wife is in trouble. There Bondita is struggling in the box. Her condition is worsening due to heat and low oxygen.

The next morning, Anirudh is set to going somewhere. Sourav asks him where he is going. Anirudh tells him that he is going to take a loan from a big business person. But then he gets Tara’s letter in which she thanks him for giving her gold coins and apologizes for doubting him. Sourav does not understand who gave the gold coins. Anirudh says this is Trilochan’s work.

Tara is happy to find gold coins. She tells Suraiya to prepare Bondita. When Suraiya goes to Bondita’s room, she finds that Bondita is missing. There, Bondita feels very thirsty due to which she is very upset. Trilochan sees an injury to Koyli’s hand and asks her how she gets it. Koyli accused Mini of her injury. Trilochan thinks that he must tell Mini that Anirudh is fine, or else she will harm everyone in this way.

Anirudh teaches Saurav to behave like a Nawab, which is quite difficult for Saurav. Trilochan goes to Mini’s house and sees that Mini is acting as if she can see everything. Bondita gets out of the cellar due to thirst. While Suraiya tells Tara that Bondita is missing and Tara gets distracted.

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