Anupamma 24 October : Kavya told the whole truth to Devika

At the beginning of the episode, Devika asks Vanraj if Anupama has caught him and Kavya, and that is why she faints due to shock. Vanraj shouts and says, what the hell is she saying. Devika says that she is not saying something which is nonsense but telling the truth. She saw Kavya running from their room and then found her earring in Vanraj’s room too. Devika says she came to her house as her sister-in-law, but she will go as a curse.

Samar tells Pakhi to put Anupama’s head on the pillow. Pakhi says no until her mother will not speak. She will keep her head in her lap. Samar says, but they do not know when their mother will speak, and he does not even understand what has happened to their mother. Paritosh takes Kavya’s name in anger and then falls silent.

Devika goes to Kavya’s house, grabs her hand, and pulls her to Vanraj’s house. Kavya asks her to release her hand. Devika says that now this hand will be left only when she goes to Anupama and apologizes to her. Kavya says she does not want to go there. Devika asks why at first she used to be eager to go to her house. Kavya folds her hands in front of her and asks her to let her go. Devika says that even she is folding her hands, so tell me what happened.

Kavya tells her everything. Devika is very angry to hear this and threatens to send her to jail. Further, Paritosh says that if Anupama does not regain consciousness till morning, they will have to get her admitted to the hospital. Jayesh is shocked to hear this, and his condition worsens. Vanraj handles him and asks for the medicine to be given. Leela says that this knows only Anupama. Vanraj then finds out the medicine and gives medicine to Jayesh.

Kavya calls Vanraj and tells him that she has said Devika everything. Vanraj gets angry on hearing this and asks her if she is an idiot. That’s when Devika comes. She grabs Vanraj’s shirt and threatens him. Vanraj gets worried after listening to her. Further, all are lost in the memories of Anupama. And Anupama regains her senses.

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