Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 October: Kartik, Naira put on an act

At the beginning of the episode, Manish gave candies to all the children present there. Krishnan was standing at a certain distance and felt leftover. All the family members gathered around to watch a skit in which Kartik and Naira don Vasudev and Devaki’s roles. To teach a lesson to Kairav. Dadi was not liking at all and making and giving negative facial reactions.

After the play gets over, Kairav slowly went near Kartik and Naira, then he slowly moved towards Krishna and asked her for that cloth, which she made for Akshara, and held her hand takes her to God’s place. Naira and Kartik felt happy. Then Vanshn, Krish, and Kirav gave that cloth on Akshara. Krishna felt happy about this. But Dadi was a little upset about this.

All the children were playing outside the house, including Krishna. After seeing them playing all together, Kartik and Naira feel happy and says that their efforts made sudden changes in their relationship. Suddenly Kariav’s friends arrived there and started making fun of Krishna. Kairav takes a stand for Krishna. Vansh and Krish also helped Kariav.

All the children were relaxing on the lawn and suggesting to Krish that he should join their school. Then they all will go together. Naira was serving snacks to them. Suddenly, Manish called all of them and gave surprise bu saying that Krish admission form got approved in their school Krishna was standing there and requested Manish to send her to that school, but Manish told that she cannot go to that school and went off from there.

Kairav went to Kartik, and Naira told them to send Krishna to some other school. Then Kartik and Naira went to Manish and requested that Krishna study at the same school. Manish laughed and asked them how Krishna will qualify for their entrance test. Naira gave an assurance that she will prepare her for that. Then Manish said best of luck to them and went off from there.

Episode end…..

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