Yeh Hain Chahtein 24 October : Yuvraj falls in trouble?

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvraj recalled last night How he frightened Kirti and said that tomorrow Preesha might reveal all her secrets. Then Kirti started laughing loudly and told Yuvraj that she knows very well that how Rudraksh’s brother died, and she can reopen the case very soon. Then Yuvraj grasped her neck tightly and pushed her back on the railings of the terrace.

The policeman told Rudraksh to utter the truth as one of the waiters has seen him at the terrace with Kirti. Ahana interrupted and warned the policeman not to put any fake allegations on Rudraksh. The policeman asked the waiter if he ready to say this in court, and he replied yes. Then Ahana went to Preesha and dragged her in front of the policeman and blamed her for Kirti’s sudden demise. Ahana said Preesha was jealous of her and wanted to remove her from Rudraksh. Preesha shouted at Ahana and told her to stop putting fake allegations on her. Yuvraj was watching all these and feeling sorry for Preesha.

The policeman called the hotel manager and asked him to show all the Cctv footage of last night. Yuvraj starts panicking, thinking that now he will get caught for all this. Yuvraj immediately went to the controller room and deleted all the proofs against him. Pressha revealed all the secrets of Kirti and told Ahana not to blame her for anything. Rudraksh was stunned after listening about Kirtis’ mental health. Preesha n asked the policeman to call Yuvraj and record his statement too. Because he knows everything about her. One of the policemen went and called Yuvraj.

Then all the CCTV footage was transferred to a pen drive. Then al to gather watched the CCTV footage in which it was clearly seen that Rudraksh was the last person to meet Kirti. Policeman man considered Rudraksh as a prime suspect. Then Pressha took a stand for Rudraksh and requested them. To once visit that mental hospital and gather little information about Kirti’s mental health.

Balraj also insisted on police officers not to give a conclusion so early. And all of them went to that mental hospital, and Preesha requested the doctor to share that information with all of them. But the doctor denied and said he doesn’t know anything, and none of the patients was admitted here. Pressha gets shocked.

Episode end…..

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