Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24 October : Trash jin wants to make Roshni ugly

At the beginning of the episode, Aman turns to evil due to Rubina’s magic and makes Saima look just like him. Shayari asks Rehan why he helped her. Rehan says nothing on this and goes away. Shayari looks at Ilme Jin’s page simultaneously and finds that it is Rubina who is helping Natasha. There, the garbage jin thinks of making everyone like him. Then Salma comes there, and she asks him to fix Saima. Garbage gin saying why she feels sad for Saima. And he also makes Salma like Saima.

Later, the garbage jin is going to make Sara ugly as well, but Roshni stops him, and everyone else runs away. Trash Jin says, why did Roshni do this. He says everyone was laughing at him, and then he deserved it, so why did she save them. Roshni says that they were not laughing at him; rather, they are sympathetic to him. He says this is all a lie, and if she truly has sympathy for him, then she too should become like him, and he will leave the rest of the people.

Shayari thinks that she will have to tell Rubina’s truth to everyone. But at the same time, Natasha comes there and changes her body with a tonic. And locks Shayari in the cupboard and goes to Rehan’s house herself. There Roshni is talking to Rubina about the garbage jin. Rubina tells her that she should send the trash jin to Jino’s jail. Natasha, i.e., Shayari, also agrees.

Roshni goes to the garbage Jin and says that she is ready to be like him, but he needs to fix Saima and Salma before that. Garbage jin does the same. Roshni then goes to Rubina. And is ready to sent trash jin to Jin’s jail. Rubina says that Roshni is easing her work by not damaging the trash but Aman. When Aman comes to his room, Armaan rains flowers on him. Roshni thinks Armaan likes him. It means that the garbage is not what they are understanding. On the other hand, Rehan comes to know that Shayari is not Shayari but Natasha.

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