Shaadi Mubarak 24 October : Gopalani realizes her mistake

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum asks Preeti that when she becomes a great planner, she will not forget her? Preeti says this will never happen because she needs her most, and she cannot do any work without her. Kusum says if she can ask for anything from her. Preeti says yes. Kusum says that she wants that Preeti does not call her Kusum Ji but only Kusum. Preeti says it is difficult for her. But she speaks to Kusum on Kusum’s suggestion, and Kusum is happy to hear this. Next, Preeti asks her not to understand why she could not hear anything about KT from Chanda’s mouth. Kusum says because she respects him.

Priyanka tells Juhi that she can send Tarun to jail for his work. Rati scolds Tarun how he spilled the truth from his mouth. Juhi tells Priyanka that if they do it, then Preeti and Kusum’s friendship will make a difference. Priyanka says that her point is also correct, and she should not do this. There Preeti goes to investigate the work related to Hamper and sees that the statue of Laddu Gopal has not gone with Hamper. KT comes there, and Preeti asks him how he did. He does such a careless thing.

Priyanka gives Juhi her earrings so that it can match Juhi’s outfit. Kusum thinks about this and thinks about what happened to Priyanka, which has changed her so much. When she asks Priyanka the reason for this, Priyanka gets irritated and leaves from there without giving any answer to her. Kusum is rushed to find out the reason behind it.

Gopalani comes there before KT tells Preeti something and scolds KT for his negligence. She asks KT why he put pearls in the Hamper instead of Laddu Gopal. KT speaks because Gopal is black in color and she does not like black. KT taunts her for insulting Preeti. He tells her that Kalik is present in her mind. Gopalani gets angry at this, and she decides to end the contract with him.

Gopalani says that she will give this contract to Chanda. KT tore the check on her mouth and said she could leave. Gopalani is going from there, but KT plays audio in which the bitter words uttered by Gopalani are there. Gopalani gets nervous. KT says he will tell this thing to everyone. Preeti asks her not to do so. Gopalani says thanks to Preeti. Preeti is happy to think that KT took her side and respected her. KT tells her that she deserves it.

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