Qurbaan Hua 25 October : Dr. Baigh went missing again

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was trying to wake up Dr. Baigh, Chahat was saying to Dr. Baigh that she will provide him treatment, but first, they have to escape from there as soon as possible. There Gazala was waiting for the taxi. The driver came and asked her why she called her. Gazala shouted at him and told no one called you. Then the driver said to her about that man who came at the door and told him that Gala is calling him downstairs.

Suddenly Gazala heard Neel’s voice and went inside to see. Neel was insisting the receptionist check the record, if Dr baigh is staying in any room or not. The receptionist was ignoring him, then Neel grasped his collar and shouted at him, then he provided him the information. The driver said that we have to stop him, but Gazala stopped him by seeing Neel in aggression. Neel went inside the room and slowly removed the blanket. And saw someone else was sleeping there.

A few moments before, a waiter came at the door whom Chahat requested to help her. With his help, Chahat shifted Dr. Baigh to another room and asked the waiter to sleep on this bed by covering himself with the blanket.

Neel immediately went to the reception and asked him for any other exit point. Chahat told Dr. Baigh to stay calm as she will call a cab and take him with her. On the way, Chahat and Neel collapsed with each other. Neel removed Chahat wig and fake beard. Chahat was totally frightened.

Parmukh was assuming that there is something mysterious about the Chahat family. Parmukh saw Bhupnder and tried to gather some information about the Chahat family, but Bhupnder didn’t say anything and went off there. Neel started asking Chahat for Dr. Baigh. Chahat tried to calm down Neel and told him to take further steps in a calm state of mind.

Chahat requested Neel to help her take Dr. Baigh to the hospital.once he comes into a normal state of speaking, he will prove his innocence. Neel accepted Chahat idea, but he said he wants to meet him once. Then both of them went to that room and saw Dr. baigh was missing from that room. Chahat gets shocked at the missing of Dr. Baigh.

Episodes end….

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