Nagin 24 October – Sakura wants to marry Bani

At the beginning of the episode, Mayuri and Shukla are worried, thinking that Bani will know about their plans. Mayuri says that it cannot happen. While Bani gets into Sakura’s trap and makes her tied. He tells Bani that he knew that Bani would not come under control, so he made this plan and imprisoned him. He leaves her there and goes to meet Jai. Bani asks God for help and says that without their support, she will never leave here. Sakura meets Jai there. Jai asks him about Bani. Sakura tells him that he has imprisoned Bani, and she will not be able to leave from there. Jai says she is Adinagin and can do anything. Sakura says that he told that Bani would be able to get out of there, so no worry. While Bani is freed from Sakura’s cage. And the red stone helps her in this. She thanks Red Stone and keeps it in her purse. She then turns to Sakura, where Sakura is talking to Jai. When Bani is about to see who is Sakura’s companion. Then Jai takes Veer’s identity so that he can fool Bani and prove that it is all done by Veer. But Bani still recognizes that the man standing in front is not Veer but someone else because he does not have the ring in his hand that he took from Bani.

Bani tells all these things to Jai. Jai says that perhaps Veer did all this. But Bani says that it was done by someone else and he is not Veer, and she can say it with confidence. Jai shouts at Bani after listening to Bani. Bani asks her to keep the voice down and leaves. Jai gets irritated after hearing this. Jai further tells Sakura that Bani has come to know about him, then he should be careful and bring Bani to him tomorrow at 10 o’clock. Sakura asks for the key and says that he will get Bani in exchange for the key. Jai refuses to give him the key. Sakura says okay, then he will tell Bani his truth. Jai panics and gives him the key. Bani overhears them and goes to grab Jai’s red hands, but Jai escapes from there.

Further, Bani goes to Meera and asks her to handle the red stone and leaves. While Sakura is searching for the same stone and thinks that if he harms Bani, then that red stone will definitely come to help her. Bani comes home, and Sakura attacks her as she enters the room. Bani faints, and Sakura gets nervous and thinks that the stone has not come, but Bani got injured, and he did not want to do so. He takes Bani somewhere.

Jai and Mayuri are waiting for Bani. But neither Sakura comes nor Bani. There Sakura makes Bani her bride. When Bani comes to her senses, she is shocked to see herself in a bridal dress. And tries to escape from there. But Sakura stops him. There, Mayuri and Shukla harass Meera and her family to inform them about Bani’s address fearfully. But since Meera and her family do not have any information about Bani, they cannot tell them anything. Shukla and Mayuri leave as they do not want to waste their time. After they leave, Meera leaves the red stone and asks it to help Bani. Red stone goes from there, but Shukla notices him and goes after him. There, Sakura takes away her power from Bani so that she does not become a serpent, and his work can be finished easily.

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