Nagin5 25 October – Will Veer expose Jai’s truth to Bani?

At the beginning of the episode, Sakura tries to stop Bani, but Bani still jumps out the window, and Sakura also follows her. While Bani is surprised to see Veer in front of her. Sakura looks at Veer and asks what he is doing to his bride. Veer says who he is. While Shukla, Jai, and Mayuri know that Veer has escaped due to red stone. And they also follow Veer and see that there is a fight between Veer and Sakura in which Veer has won.

Next, Veer asks Bani why she jumped through the window. Bani says because she did not want to marry Sakura. Veer asks why. Bani has no answer to give. Then Veer says that he knows the answer and that the answer is because Bani cares for him and loves him, so she did not want to marry Sakura. Bani says there is nothing like this. Veer says that’s the truth. Then that is why she even recognize Sakura is not Veer. Veer tells her that, and it happened because she loves him. He asks her to accept her feelings. While Bani faints and falls in his arm. Veer smiles and says she once again refrained from answering.

Veer takes her to the room. After some time, Bani comes into her senses. Veer comes to her. Bani gets scared after seeing him. Veer says why she is shocked to see him. He is Veer, her husband, not Sakura. He then takes Bani’s hand and applies an ointment on her injuries. Bani also notices his injuries and offers to apply ointments to them. She asks Veer where he was trapped. Veer remembers how Jai had imprisoned him. Veer looks at Bani and says that if he tells her the truth, she will not believe it, so she needs to find out about it herself. He then also advises Bani to stay away from Jai like Sakura. Bani asks the reason for this, but he asks her to find out about it herself. Bani becomes fermented.

When Bani comes after changing her clothes, she notices Veer keeps something in black cloth and says that she knows what that thing was because she found it in the basement. She tells Veer that they have hidden a lot of treasure. Veer says that now that she has come to know about the treasure, she will never leave him. Bani says that he has not known her yet. Then she also tells him that not only the treasure but some people are imprisoned in that cellar. Veer says this can’t be true. Bani says he can go and see. Balraj overhears this and goes to the basement. Veer comes there. Balraj hides upon seeing him. Veer puts the red stone there and then notices Balraj there and asks him what he was doing here. Balraj says that he came here after hearing the sound. Next, Veer asks him how he trusted Sakura’s words even though he did not look like him. Balraj realizes that Veer is not yet aware of the thing of Satyuga, so he is talking like this. He distracts Veer’s attention and says that they should not talk about it but should party in the joy of his return. The Veer agrees with him.

Jai calls Bani. Jai thinks why Bani is not picking up his phone. He thinks if Veer tells her everything. But shortly, Bani picks up his phone. And Jai asks her where she was till now. Bani tells her the whole story. Jai says that Veer is doing all this. Bani denies this. Jai shouts to Bani and asks why she is trusting Veer so much. Bani gets upset with his behavior and hangs up. Jai plots a new plan to harm Bani.

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