Shaadi Mubarak 26 October : KT and Preeti got a new project

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti sees that only ten days left to fulfill Tarun’s condition, and the sari also has ten bales, and now she has to complete this condition soon. She calls Sheena and asks her to find a project soon for her.Then Kusum comes there and asks Preeti that she is still thinking about the condition of knots. She tells her not to think about it. Because it has no benefit, neither Tarun wants her victory nor loves her, then why she is carrying the condition’s burden. Preeti says she wants to win this condition because she wants to take away Tarun’s father’s vision from Tarun. She tells Kusum that Tarun learned to commit such abuse from his father, which she intends to remove from his mind.

Kusum understands Preeti’s feelings and then reminds her that she is going late for her office. She should go there. Preeti comes to the office. KT asks Preeti why she is desperate to get someone married before Diwali. Preeti thinks about how to tell KT that she has as much time as Diwali.At the same time, Sheena gets a call from the minister who wants to get married soon, and he wants help from the Shadi Mubarak. Sheena is very happy knowing this, and she tells this thing to KT and Preeti. Then Kusum comes there. She brings sweets for them because Priyanka’s marriage has been finalized.

Preeti and everyone is happy to know this and eat sweets. There, Priyanka strikes her ring on Tarun’s mouth and says that only a foolish girl like Rati, befriend Tarun. Rati angrily tries to raise her hand on Priyanka, and Priyanka folds her hand and says that she should not even try to do it because she has eaten pure village food and does not have the same strength as her, so don’t try.

On the other hand, Preeti and KT are preparing to go to the meeting. KT sneezes on the way. Preeti tells him to stop for 2 minutes. Next, Preeti and KT meet the Aryan Mantri. They feel that Aryan has become a minister at such a young age. But Aryan tells them that his cast Mantri only.

Aryan does not seem to be right towards Preeti and KT. So he hesitates in partnership with them. When KT asks why, Aryan tells him that Preeti and KT have old thinking, who still stay for 2 minutes till they sneeze and think they cannot get his married possible. Then Preeti tries to clear his point of view towards them and tells him that they stayed for 2 minutes to sanitize the hands, so do not misunderstand them. Episode end.

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