Anupamma 26 October : Anupama made a big decision

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama regains her senses. Apanuma struggles to breathe. She gets up from the bed and goes outside. Anupama is still struggling with things and even having trouble walking. But she somehow muses up the courage and sees things that are related to Vanraj.

Anupama is hurt to see them. Meanwhile, she stumbles and falls. He sees the altar of the pavilion, and she remembers the deception of Vanraj and Kavya. She takes a matchbox, burns the pavilion’s altar, and thinks of putting mangalsutra in it, but Devika stops her. Devika takes her with her. Devika gets upset, seeing Anupama’s condition. She notices that Anupama is unable to breathe. She tells Anupama to breathe.

Kavya thinks of coming to Anupama’s house but stops after remembering Devika’s harsh words. Kavya sometimes remembers Devika’s word, sometimes remembers the word of Vanraj, and gets confused and leaves. There Vanraj is moaning from back pain. He remembers Anupama and then applies the balm. Vanraj thinks that he did not know that these mistakes become so heavy. He feels that he must do something before Anupama tells the truth to everyone.

Devika brings Anupama to a hill. She tells Anupama that there is no one, and she can lighten her mind here. She tells Anupama to speak. Anupama shouts, remembering Vanraj’s talk. Devika is sad to see her condition. Anupama tries to jump from the hill but Devika stops her, and when Anupama does not stop, she slaps her.

But Anupama still does not calm down and shouts again. Anupama tells Devika that she always felt that she had taken care of the house but did not know when her home was broken. Anupama shares her discomfort with Devika and reveals that she has left her dream behind after her marriage. Heard Vanraj’s scolding. And always trusted Vanraj. And always considered Vanraj as her God. But she got this in return, and today she is angry at herself that she trusted Vanraj and gave him the position of God. She recalled the day when Vanraj’s words had broken her, but he still forgave him. She tells Devika that she did not know that all this is a lie, but now that she has come to know, she will start the new journey.

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