Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 October: Kartik, Naira’s alone time

At the beginning of the episode, while Krishna was upset and sitting in her room, Naira and Kartik came and spotted her crying. Naira and Kartik assured her that Krishna, will also go to the same school, but she has to work very hard. Krishna was ready for the challenge. Naira was trying to explain something to Naksh, but he did not hear and disconnected the call.

Naksh was about to call Kirti regarding Krish school documents. Suddenly Krish called and surprised him with his admission news to the new school. Naksh gets angry about changing Krish school without discussing it with him. Naira and Kartik spent a few romantic moments together.

Naksh told Kirti to come alone and meet her, but Kirti went with the other family members. Where Manish and Naksh get into a heated conversation regarding Krish admission. Anyhow Kartik calmed Naksh and requested him to leave for a while from there. At last, Manish taunted Naira and went off.

Naira was packing gifts for Kairav. Then Kartik and Naira started fighting and taking their own sibling’s side. Suddenly Akshara started crying and then they stopped their fight. At the same moment, Kairav entered the room, and Naira surprised him with the gifts. Kairav gets very happy and thanked both of them. Naira and Kartik thanked him back for considering Krishna as her elder sister.

Krishna came to Naira she acknowledged her that tomorrow would be her online interview regarding her admission. Kairav, with other children, got to know about this and thought if Krishna would come to her, school other children will make fun of them.

Krishna was all set for her online interview in a room. The interviewer requested Naira and Kartik to leave Krishna alone in the room. Kairav and other children were peeping from the window and thinking of disturbing Krishna. There Naira and Kartik decided to send Kairav for art classes.

At last, Kairav went from there, but Vansh and Krish went inside the room secretly and tried to distract Krishna. Soon interview ended, and Krishna went to call Kartik and Naira. There Krishna told Naira that she was not able to remember anything in English. Manish taunted on this.

Episode end…..

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