Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26 October :Shayari decides to play as Natasha

At the beginning of the episode Roshni is getting ready for the photoshoot.Only then comes the garbage jin and decorate Roshni’s hair. Roshni feels as if there is a connection between them. Rubina is watching them through the tablet. She tells Natasha that these two are wasting time while blue moon has also arrived. She asks him to bring Roshni. Natasha leaves from there.

Roshni is not willing to believe that the trash jin is a bad person. She says that she will not do the work for which her heart is not accepting. She tells Garbage Jin to make her like him right now. But then Natasha comes there and says that they should go for a photoshoot.

There, Rubina first hides the blue moon with the help of cloud and then tries to use the volcanic red clay to open the door of the volcano. And thinks that as soon as the door is opened, she will put Aman’s thing in it and then the volcano will pull Aman and the Aman will never be able to return.

Trash jin comes to Roshni and says that now she should not waste his time and become like him as soon as possible. Roshni is going near to him. While Rehan discovers Shayari, he reaches Natasha’s house. He calls Shayari. Shayari signals to him that she is locked in the cupboard. Rehan walks towards the cupboard and frees Shayari. He asks Shayari how it all happened. Shayari tells Rehan that Rubina is culprit of it and also tells Rehan that Rubina’s motives are not right.

Rehan asks her then what they should do. Shayari says Natasha is playing as Shayari, so now she will play as Natasha and find out the secret. And by then Rehan will have to pretend like he knows nothing about Natasha’s truth. Rehan agrees.

Rubina opens the door of the volcano this causes a stir in the house. The walls of the house are about to fall, only when the garbage jin saves Roshni and through it, Roshni comes to know that the garbage jin is none other than Aman. And when the volcano is pulling Aman towards the door, Roshni and Armaan save Aman.

Roshni brings back the true nature of Aman and apologizes for not recognizing him. There, Ayana comes to Rubina and says that as Roshni recognizes Aman, it proves that Roshni is worth the Ayana heart. But Rubina denies this and shows them the punishment paper that Roshni had signed. After this one of the two Ayana refuses to help Roshni. And the clip of Roshni flies away as smoke. All are surprised to see this and calculating the troubles that they facing again and again. And at the same time, the question arises in the mind of grandmother that who made Aman the garbage jin. Aman goes to Rubina.

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