Yeh Hain Chahtein 26 October : Mishka’s heinous act

At the beginning of the episode, the mental hospital doctor was acting as not recognizing Yuvraj and Preesha. He said that he doesn’t know any Kirti Jain. Yuvraj tried to frighten him, but the policeman stopped him and asked for the patient records. The doctor secretly edited the entry book on his laptop.

Ahana and Mishka were sitting in a room. Ahana was feeling irritated as she thought Kirti, will apart Preesha from Rudrakash, but Kirti itself got apart. Mishka was sitting on the bed and tapping her feet on the ground continuously. Ahana noticed that Mishka was a little nervous and sitting quietly. Ahana tried to calm her down, but she went from there. Ahana felt weird about this gesture of Mishka.

Mishka came out and thought that everyone would get to know that she was the last person to meet Kirti. Shardha came to Saransh and told her that Rudrakash and Preesha are out for some work. The policeman didn’t find any record and left from there. Then the doctor received a strange call to whom he confirms that he didn’t disclose anything.

Mishka went to the terrace and recalled about the last night, that how she pushed Kirti, and she fell. Miskha was scolding herself for overreacting the previous night. Miskha was finding something there suddenly Ahana came interrupted. Miskha acted weirdly with Ahana and went off from there.

All of them came back to the hotel. Where policeman told that there we found no record of Kirti and Rudrakash was the last person to meet Kirti, so he is our prime suspect. Balraj went to discuss something with his lawyer, and Preesha went to meet Saransh. Yuvraj followed Preesha and was asking her what’s happening, suddenly the CCTV control room guard came and started shouting at Yuvraj, that why he fooled him that the Manager is calling him. Then Preesha doubted Yuvraj.

Yuvraj acknowledged Preesha about the whole incident of last night and told that he didn’t kill her. Preesha said, him to come with her and say this to the policeman and prove that Rudrakash is innocent. Yuvraj denied to come and say such things for which he has to face trouble.

Episode end……

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