Qurbaan Hua 27 October : Gazala escaped from the hotel

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat took Neel to that room, where she shifted Dr. Baigh. On Missing of Dr. Baigh, Neel doubted on Chahat that she has fooled him and provided some time to Dr. Baigh to escape from here. Then Chahat started crying and insisted Neel to trust her and showed him that handkerchief, which she gave to Dr. Baigh. Neel guessed that Gazala would have taken Dr. Biagh with her.

Gazala was sitting in a car with the driver and Dr. Baigh. Gazala was totally frightened by the sudden visit of them. The driver told Gazala to give some more money as they have to shift to some new place. While taking out the money, Gazala found a tracker and doubted Chahat for placing the tracker in her purse. Gazala decided to take revenge on Chahat.

Chahat and Neel came back home and got to know that Gazala has left the job and gone from there left a letter behind her. Gazala called Chahat and tried to threaten her, but Neel took the phone and said that in this game, he is with her. Gazala gets shocked and hangs up the call. Gazala took out the sim card and threw out of the car. Chahat gets emotional on this gesture of Neel.

Suddenly Kripa started crying. Chahat and Neel rushed towards her. Chahat took Kripa from Vyas Ji, and Kripa started smiling. Vyas Ji insisted Chahat to share some of the information about his father. Chahat tried to escape from there, but she failed. Then she said her last moments with his father. Suddenly Vyas Ji gets emotional by thinking of Sarswati. Then Vyas Ji shared a few of his past moments with Sarwawati.

Vyas Ji gave money to Neel and said to him to buy some clothes for Chahat. Neel denied and said that he has money, then Vyas Ji shouted at him, and immediately Neel took the money and escaped from there. Then Vyas Ji said Chahat that in his childhood, Neel was very notorious and aggressive in nature.

Neel humorously warned Chahat and said, there is no need to hang-up with Vyas Ji against me. Then Chahat said she don’t have time for this stupid activity. Neel informed her that he had sent Bhupnder behind Gazala. Neel was leaving to buy some dresses for Kripa, but Chahat stopped her and said that she itself make a dress for Kripa with her hands and fulfill Sarswati’s wish. Neel was thinking in her mind that how can someone be so good in nature.

Episode end

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