Shakti 26 October : Preeto threatens Shano

At the beginning of the episode, Soham escapes from the policemen. Harak and others followed him while Preeto tells the policemen that she wants to see Soham in jail under any circumstances. The policeman tells her not to worry as they will manage everything. There, Heer is unloading her turmeric which falls to the ground. Mahi asks her what she is doing, why she is pouring turmeric on the ground, does she not know that doing so is bad. Heer says that then she should hold the scarf well so that turmeric does not fall. Everyone starts laughing at Heer’s words. One of them says that Heer is such a devil and her children will be devil too. Then how Mahi how will handle Heer’s children.

At the same time Preeto and Rohan also come there and they also listen to the that woman’s talk about child. And all become sad. Heer asks Mahi to tell her how she will handle her children. Mahi has no answer to this. Preeto then handles it and tells Heer that she will take care of her children. Shano standing there thinks where did Preeto and Rohan went. Preeto notices that Shano is thinking something and asks her where she was lost. She advises her that she should concentrate in the work of marriage without thinking so much about the meaningless things. And Preeto takes her to the room under the same pretext.

Virat calls Hee and she goes to talk to him. While Ravi asks Rohan about Soham, on which Soham tells her that he has run away. There, in Shano’s room, Preeto forces Shano to send a letter to Heer in Soham’s name by placing her neck on the tip of the knife. On the other side, Virat and Heer are talking on the phone and suddenly Virat comes to her room. Heer is shocked to see him and asks why he came here. Virat says that because he wanted to meet her. Heer says she wants to ask a question. Virat says fine ask. Heer asks him that if this time he will come to the wedding pavilion. Virat says yes he will come and will not repeat the mistake of last time.

Heer then pretends to be ill so that Virat leaves quickly. Further, the policemen are searching for Soham and Soham thinks that he will not come into the hands of the police and will soon tell Heer her truth. Harak calls Virat and tells him about Soham and says that he should take care that Soham does not come to his house. Virat says that he will take care not to worry. There, Heer asks about Soham and Shano gives her Soham’s latter and gift. In the latter it is said that Soham is not happy with Heer’s marriage and he will return himself after her wadding. Heer is sad. Preeto cheers her up and says that if Soham will come soon so she should not worry about it and ask her to just concentrate on her marriage. Next, Heer’s Mehndi ceremony begins, Virat offers to put mehndi or Heer’s hand. Heer says he don’t even know how to apply jam on bread, then how he will apply mehndi. Virat assures her that he will do this work well.

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