Barrister babu 26 October : Trilochan suspected Mini

At the beginning of the episode, here Anirudh is ready with his plan to get Bondita while Rasiya discovers that Bondita is hiding in a box in the basement and Rasiya accompanies Bondita in it. And takes pride in Bondita’s bravery. There, Binoy asks Mini why she forgets every time that she is blind. He is scolding her but that is when Binoy notices Trilochan’s shoes and falls silent. Mini also sees that Trilochan is hiding behind the curtain. She then pretends that she can work easily despite being blind because she has measured the entire house.

Mini’s father says that Mini has lost her eyes only, not her bravery and because of this she is able to do so much. Then Mini goes to the door and removes the curtain from there. Trilochan comes in front of them. Binoy asks him how Trilochan came here. Trilochan makes an excuse. Mini says that she was only measuring the house, so she came to the door and she could not see anything, so could not know that he was there. Trilochan says it is fine.

Bhowmik calls Trilochan inside. And orders the servant to make tea. There Bondita feels as if Mother Durga is sending a Farista for her. Her heart beats faster and she feels as if her protector is coming. While Anirudh enters in the Sheesh palace.

Here, Trilochan deliberately spills tea on Mini’s hand to find out if Mini is pretending to be blind or telling the truth. While Mini let him burn her hand with tea so that Trilochan does not doubt her and thinks that she is not a fool like Bondita who gets caught in Trilochan’s bag. Next, Koyli comes there and gives some medicine to Mini and says that she found this medicine in the cupboard. Mini sees that this is the same medicine that she had given to Anirudh to make loose his senses. She quickly catches the medicine and says that this medicine is of stomach ache which also shows very good effect.

Trilochan says that his stomach is hurting too, will she give him this medicine? Mini hesitates to give him medicine. But Trilochan snatches the medicine from her. And sees that the medicine are sleeping piles, he remembers the moment in which Anirudh was caught with Mini. On the other hand, Anirudh comes as Salim and tells Tara that he wants to take a look at her place because his Nawabs do not enter anywhere. So first he will decide whether this place is good or not and after that his Nawab will take his step here. Tara says that she has no objection to this, he can investigate the whole Sheesh Mahal.

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