Shaadi Mubarak 27 October : KT and Kusum’s plan surprised Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti tells Aryan that they are like blank paper, filling with her client’s choice. She asks him for a chance. Aryan says that he has a cocktail party today, so if they organized it well, he would give them the contract.There, Priyanka buys a club ticket for her sisters from her first income. She sees this; her flow becomes very happy. Priyanka then tells everyone that when Kusum goes to sleep, they will leave. But Kusum hears them and refuses to let them go. And tear the ticket.

Priyanka gets angry after seeing this, and she tells her that she tore the ticket of 10,000 rupees without thinking. Kusum says this how you guys waste your money. They said that a very big DJ would come, so it was expensive, and she tore it. Kusum says that if they were so worried about money, they should have put the money in the right place.

There, Preeti and KT visit a restaurant. Preeti asks him why they have come here. KT says to talk about work. Preeti says, but they could do these things even in the office. KT says that he brought her to the restaurant deliberately so that she can see the young man sitting here and know about their liking.

KT considers himself like a young man and praises himself. That’s when he sees a boy taking something out of the girl’s pocket. KT feels that he is teasing her. KT angrily approaches the boy and scolds him. The girl asks KT to chill because he is her boyfriend, and she only asked him to remove her phone from her pocket. Preeti laughs at KT after seeing all this. Further, KT calls Kusum and asks for her help. Kusum agrees to help them.

Kusum brings pizza for her daughters. Priyanka says that she scolded them a while ago, then why is she taking such care of them now. A daughter of Kusum says that her mother definitely has some work with them, that’s why she is becoming so sweet. Kusum thinks that she has to get help from her daughters by feeding them this pizza. Kusum then asks them to help her. Her daughters agree to this.

Further, when Preeti comes to her house, she is shocked to see the house’s decoration like a club. And Kajal says that they have done all this for her so that she can know what the young man’s test is like. Preeti says that she used to do this in her time also. KT says that he did this so that Preeti remembers her time and came up with a plan by adding a little spice. And please Aryan by throwing a great party. Preeti understands KT.

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