Anupamma 27 October : Anupama decides to live for herself

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama tells Devika that they cannot settle in this world alone, so they form a relationship and settled with them. She cries and tells Devika that she had all till morning, but now she has nothing left. Her hands are left empty. But these hands made other’s life, and now it will embellish her life.

She holds Devika’s hand and looks at her tattoo, saying, “I am enough” Anupama says that all teach them that lives for others. But they do not teach them to live for themselves. But now, she will live for herself and make her own identity. Devika is happy with her decision.

Anupama says that last time she had found herself in Bawdi for a while, she will now find herself forever. She loudly takes the name of Paritosh, Pakhi, Samar. Devika asks her to take her name as well. Anupama shouts her name. And as she does, it is morning. Anupama tells Devika that no matter how intense the night is, morning light ends the night.

They find the temple of Mata Rani there. Anupama walks towards the temple and prays to God that they should never leave her and not let her courage break. She then tells Devika that she has to go home to get answers to many questions. Anupama comes home and watches the anniversary celebration decoration.

Next, Jayesh notices that someone is in the kitchen and thinks who is in the kitchen. And when he sees Anupama in the kitchen, he gets shocked and happy. He wishes Anupama a good morning and asks her how she is feeling now. Anupama says she is fine. Jayesh asks if she can tell him what happened yesterday. Anupama says that he should leave yesterday’s matter behind. Jayesh says, okay, but she has to go and sit outside, and he will cook something for her.

Anupama goes to the courtyard and sees Kavya. Kavya gets scared after seeing her and runs towards the house. And collides with Nandni. Nandni asks her what happened. Kavya tells Nandni that Anupama has regained consciousness and that she is all right now. Nandni is happy to know this and tells Kavya, but what will happen to her now. She tells Kavya that she had already said that she would burn the most in this fire.

Next, Jayesh gives tea to Anupama. Then Jhilmil comes and is happy to see Anupama conscious and embraces her. Everyone at home is delighted to see Anupama healthy. Anupama decides to meet Vanraj. Samar, Paritosh, takes her to Vanraj’s room. Episode end.

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