Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27 October : Aman and Roshni got Jinad’s sword

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni suddenly feels strange, and her clips end. There Aman is confronting Rubina, but only then they get the voice of Shayari shouting. They run towards her. They are shocked to see Shayari with Natasha. Fake Shayari tells Roshni that they should catch Natasha, and Rehan exchanges her body when Roshni is doing so. And Shayari enters her body again and tells everyone that Natasha had done a body exchange with her and was playing with them as Shayari.

Shayari also tells them that there is no one else with Natasha but Rubina. Grandma does not believe her words. And decides to talk to Rubina about it. But Rubina is not there, nor Aman. They discover them both. Roshni finds Aman is sleeping in his room, and Rubina is also there.

Roshni asks Rubina what happened to Aman. Rubina says that Aman’s health is not good, so she has given him sorbet and put him to sleep. Rubina leaves, and Aman wakes up. He tells Roshni that he pretended to sleep in front of Rubina. Roshni asks but why. Aman tells her because he suspects Rubina. After all, she was the one who made him the trash gin.

There, Shayari hides Natasha. Then Rubina comes there and asks if her work is done. Rubina is still considering Shayari as Natasha. Shayari says yes, work is done. Rubina says that she will finish the game of Roshni tonight. Shayari asks how. Rubina tells her that she will kill Roshni by dipping her in blue drops. Shayari said, but what if Aman saved her. Rubina says that only Jinad’s sword can save Roshni, which is with her.

Shayari tell this thing to Aman and Roshni. They decide to find the sword. They tell Shayari to divert Rubina’s attention and goes to her house themselves. They try to find the sword, but they cannot find it. After a while, Rubina also comes there and summons the sword. Thus Roshni and Aman get the sword, but Roshni feels that they have fallen into a trap.

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