Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 October: Naira’s idea to remove impartiality

At the beginning of the episode, Naira and Kartik went to the room and had a conversation with the school principal. After a few times, they came out and informed Krishna that her admission had been rejected. Krishna became upset and ran outside the house. Kairav seeing Naira and Kartik in a bitter mood, felt sorry and says sorry to God for the planning, which he did with Vansh and Krish.

Krish went outside the house to Krishna; she was angrily playing with the ball. Suddenly Naira and Kartik came and said that Krishna’s admission had been granted. Krishna becomes happy and asked Kairav to take out the chocolates from his pocket and distribute it among them. Krishna went inside and told everyone about her admission, but. No one reacted to it.

Kartik decided to celebrate ‘Ram Leela’ this time. Dadi and Manish gave a promise to Kairav he will be playing the role of Ram. Kairav discloses to everyone. Gayu felt jealous and was thinking that after Kairav and Akshara have come to this house, no one is looking at Vansh or Vatsal.

Naira was talking to Kirti and trying to know her feelings, but Kirti was not giving any response to her words. Gayu came to that room and taunted about the impartiality towards the children of the house.

All were preparing for the festival. Kairav was very excited and imagining himself as Ram. Manish gets hyper when he received the custody paper. Kartik was trying to calm him down and requested to take further steps carefully. Kartik called Naksh and requested him to come and motivate Krish for his act today.

Naira organized a game to remove the partiality criteria. And gave them a bowl of cookies in which a cheat was hidden, and all the children picked one cookie and got a fraud in which their role was written. Kairav got the part of Ravan. He immediately reacted and said he would not play this role as his favorite character is Ram Ji. Naira gets confused about Kairav’s behavior.

Episode end

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