Yeh Hain Chahtein 27 October : Preesha saved Rudrakash from getting arrest

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha asked Yuvraj to come with her and accept that he was the last person to meet Kirti. Yuvraj denied coming with her. Then Preesha went to the terrace and started searching for any evidence that can prove Rudrakash innocent. Suddenly she noticed a strange thing and immediately went downstairs to prove Rudrakash is innocent.

Balraj was calling lawyers and offering them double for his son bail papers. From the other side, Harish Jain came and instructed the policeman to arrest Rudrakash. Preesha Interrupted and blamed the managed for hiding few details. Yuvraj was panicking and thinking that Preesha will now take his name in front of the Police. Preesha took everyone to the terrace to show what she is talking about.

Everyone went to the terrace, then Preesha showed s second way of reaching the terrace from where anyone can come, and there is no Cctv installed. So anyone can come and kill Kirti and escape from this way. And Preesha claimed that she itself came upstairs using this way and saw Rudrakash and Kirti were arguing with each other, and then Rudrakash went off.

Balraj told the policeman that they would leave tomorrow, and no one can stop us. Vashudha and Gps saw Kirti’s death news on Tv and called Shardha, and she acknowledged them about the incident. Saransh was asking about Rudrakash to Preesha at the same time Rudrakash entered the room, and Saransh joyfully hugged Rudrakash. Preesha becomes happy.

Police get to know that the forensics team has found some clue near the body. There Mishka went to the terrace and started finding something and didn’t found it. Rudrakash scolded Preesha for lying in front of the Police to save him. He also said that he would not forgive her at any cost.

Episode end

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