Qurbaan Hua 28 October : Gazala plan something mysterious

At the beginning of the episode, Parmukh told Vyas Ji that he is going to Delhi tomorrow for some work, and from there, he will try to contact Chahats family. Vyas Ji praised him for his obedient nature and went off. Then Parmukh thinks that now he will collect negative information about Chahat’s family, which will let Chahat in trouble. Parmukh went to Naveli and said to her to make a list of things that she needs from Delhi. Naveli becomes happy.

Gazala was carrying a grudge against Neel and Chahat. Gazala said in her mind that she would reply to every action of Neel. Vyas Ji told Chahat to plant the wheat. Chahat was a little worried because she doesn’t know how to do it. Godhambhari and Naveli were observing Chahat from the back.

Neel came and said he forgot to add fertilizer and helped Chahat. Chahat was feeling blessed, then Chahat took that and gave it to Vyas Ji. Gazala was trying to manipulate Dr. Baigh by saying that she is with them. Gazala was holding a mystery box and told that her plan would be successful once this box reaches inside Vyas Ji’s house.

Chahat made a dress for Kripa and was remembering her childhood time. Naveli got a message from Parmukh that one surprise gift is there at the main gate. And at the same time, Chahat also got a message from Neel that he has Brought one dress for her, which she has to wear today. Naveli and Chahat picked each other gifts and went to their rooms.

Chahat unboxed and got surprised to see those short dresses. Suddenly Godhambhari called Chahat downstairs. Neel was expecting that Chahat will wear the dress which he gifted. Chahat came and gave Neel a wired look, and Neel was asking her why she did wore that dress.

Suddenly Vyas Ji came and told that Kripa is waiting for her new dress. Then Chahat showed them the dress and, Vyas Ji gets happy and emotional too. Vyas Ji told Chahat to lead the first day of Navratri. Chahat gets shocked and worried, how she will do things that are of the opposite religion.

Episode end

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