Shakti 27 October : Soham tries to tell Heer her truth

At the beginning of the episode, Heer performs a dance for Virat in which Virat also participate. Later, Heer gives her hand to Virat so that he can apply mehndi on her hands. Virat draw mehndi in her hand. Harak tells Preeto that Virat embraces Heer even after knowing Heer’s truth, and they could not get a better groom than Virat for Heer. Preeto agrees. Heer tells Virat that the groom’s name is also written in mehndi’s hands, but she will get it written by someone else. Virat calls his sister-in-law and says he will close his eyes, and Gurminder holds his hand and writes Virat’s name in Heer’s hands. Gurminder thinks that Virat and Heer are very sweet, and her request from god is that there should be no obstacle in their lives.

There Soham is looking for an opportunity, and he also gets a chance. From Sant’s place comes a lot of gifts and big flower baskets for Heer. In one of which, Soham sits down and enters the house. Next, Gurminder performs the ritual of Gharoli, in which she pours pure water on Heer and asks Mahi to use this water for bathing Heer in the morning. Soham, who is listening to her talk sitting in the basket, says that even if Heer is given a bath with pure water, she will remain eunuch, and today he will tell this secret to Heer.

Parmeet says that now that the ritual is over, they should go home. Virat stops her and says that the ritual is over; only the celebration is still left. And then Heer and Virat’s family celebrate their happiness and dance. There is an atmosphere of joy all around. Everyone dances excitedly. Heer and Virat also perform the dance to romantic songs. While Soham gets irritated by seeing them. The party ends.

Parmeet and Sant leave for home. Gurminder asks Heer to check the sari that they sent. So that she can check them and find out if everything is fine or not. Heer says, okay. And then goes to her room to try sari. Soham goes after her and finds Heer in the room and says does Heer know that she is a eunuch. He repeatedly repeats in front of Heer that she is a eunuch, but when he does not respond, he goes to her and is shocked to see Rohan in Heer’s sari. Rohan beats him, and the rest of the family also comes. Rohan tells Soham that he already knew that he is here, so he made this plan. Rohan hands Soham over to police officers. Soham says he will not leave them. Preeto says that he is not their enemy, so do not do such things.

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